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Kira, 28
5 Sterne
5 stars for the service

Super service - accommodates all concerns. This makes the whole thing totally fun!

Paula, 25
5 Sterne
A world class support!

They take their time here. In particular, I would like to praise Mr. Groshaupt. Keep it up!

Hannes, 37
5 Sterne
Excellent work

High quality + customer friendly. You hardly find that anymore: Either one or the other.

Frequently asked questions 💬

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via the support feature directly in the Steuerbot app, or write to us at any time at our support email address

Can I send you feedback as well?

Absolutely! We optimize the flow in the app every day. At every point in the app where you don't quite know what to do, the process is not perfect. We will implement your feedback consistently in the app. Write us a message to

Who will I talk to?

Our support team consists of trained and competent tax experts. Tim, as a tax consultant leads the team consisting of Anja, Madeleine and Pascal. But you may also talk to our founders Jochen and Marc, for example.

Do I have to do the whole tax return at once?

No, you do not have to edit the declaration from start to finish in one go. All your entries are saved continuously. You can continue whenever you have time.

What happens when I get stuck?

Don't worry. You won't be left alone with us. You can send a message to our tax experts directly via the app. They will see the current status of your tax return and reply to you within 24 hours.

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