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  • Refund under €50 and
  • not required to file a tax return.1
39,99 €
  • Refund over €50 or
  • obligated to file a tax return.1
Pay later
  • Pay after you received your tax refund.2
  • You will get an individual offer.
  • An obligation to submission exists, for example, in the case of a combination of tax class 3 and 5 👰 or if you have received wage replacement benefits, several wage tax certificates or pensions.
  • You are not sure yet? Use the pay-later-function and pay after you received your tax refund.

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We always check your tax case for accuracy and errors.

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The chatbot questions are perfectly tailored to you using AI.

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Your data will be transmitted encrypted via the ELSTER interface.

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We keep you up-to-date on new tax topics. With Steuerbot you become a tax expert.

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You'll be surprised: Steuerbot can make you smile from time to time.

What our users say about Steuerbot

Helen, 36
5 Sterne
Highly recommended

30€ is more than fair. With a tax advisor you sometimes pay 150 €. Steuerbot is perfect for everyone and you can do everything quickly!

Paul, 25
5 Sterne
Price performance is unbeatable!

Until last year I had to pay a tax advisor. Steuerbot is cheaper and way better. Especially the support is much faster and way more personal

Philipp, 33
5 Sterne
Please book 10 € more

For you, I'll add €10 on top. It has never been so easy as with Steuerbot. Thanks for everything! The best tax app!

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Frequently asked questions 💬

When do I have to pay?

You do not have to pay the tax office until just before you submit your return. After you have calculated your refund, you can decide if it is worth it for you to submit it.

How is the payment made?

You can pay with us by direct debit.

Which tax years are available?

You can file your tax return up to 4 years retroactively with Steuerbot. This means that you can now file your tax return for 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Can I refer friends?

Share your enthusiasm for Steuerbot with family, friends and acquaintances and earn good money. You get €10 for every referral and your friends get €10 off their tax return. If you refer many friends, you will even get a bonus. You can find more information here.

Who is behind Steuerbot?

Steuerbot was founded by longtime friends Jochen Schöllig, Marc Neumann and Waldemar Wunder in 2017. Driven by the idea to bring more social justice into the German tax system, the vision of a simple tax return in the app was born. Currently, we are a team of 24 employees based in Stuttgart.

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