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Steuerbot helps you with your tax return: easy, fast and comprehensible.

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File your tax return in 20 minutes

Beantworte einfache Fragen und sichere dir so im Schnitt 1.095 € Rückerstattung.


On average, €1,051 * returned

Steuerbot is worthwhile for everyone who is in professional life and also for trainees, students and pensioners.

  • Average reimbursement according to the Federal Statistical Office
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Steuerbot - Benefits
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Playful in chat mode

With Steuerbot, for the first time, you'll be doing a tax return that's even fun.

Secure & reliable tax return

Your data will be transmitted encrypted via the ELSTER interface.

Support from tax experts included

We won't let you down: guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Free calculation of your refund

Decide for yourself based on the calculated refund if it's worth it.


Your personal Tax Solution

Do your tax return now

Why pay for Steuerbot when ELSTER is free?

Official Elster interface
Simple registration
User friendly through simple questions
Hints and tips for optimization
Use without tax knowledge
Automatic data verification
Optimized for smartphone
Calculation of the expected refund
Price0 to 29,95 €


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Over 400,000 users are already enthusiastic

Steuerbot is the top-rated tax app in the stores with 4.9 stars 🥇

Sara, 29
5 Sterne
Thanks for saving time

Faster and easier I have never done my tax return...I was actually done within 20 min and I am thrilled!

Christian, 38
5 Sterne
The app is awesome!!!

Great! Simply explained and like in a chat you are accompanied step by step. This makes tax return fun! 😃

Andrea, 45
5 Sterne
Simply ingenious

I am thrilled. Exactly calculated to the cent, super easy to use and the explanations are easy to understand. Absolute TOP app.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to get started?

In order to properly file your tax returns with the IRS, all you need is your employer's income tax statement.

How much does Steuerbot cost?

You only pay if your refund is more than €100 or you are required to file the tax return. The cost of filing the tax return is €29.95.

Can I trust Steuerbot?

Steuerbot is developed by tax experts and improved daily. We consistently implement the feedback from our users in the app. The app is always legally up to date. In addition, we rely on the highest security standards. Steuerbot transmits your data encrypted via the ELSTER interface. Your data is safe with us. Only you can access the data in your account.

Who is behind Steuerbot?

Steuerbot was founded by longtime friends Jochen Schöllig, Marc Neumann and Waldemar Wunder in 2017. Driven by the idea to bring more social justice into the German tax system, the vision of a simple tax return in the app was born. Currently, we are a team of 12 employees based in Stuttgart.

How can I contact you with any questions?

You can contact us via the support feature directly in the Steuerbot app, or write to us at any time at our support email address

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Secure your refund today

Steuerbot is simple, fast, and comprehensible, and is worthwhile for anyone in the workforce.

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